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Thanks go to the many people who have contributed photographs to this website but most of all, many thanks to our members who made all the quilts featured.

My thanks, especially, to Kerry Cassidy, whose quilt, Fire Escape (detail), is the one used for the banner on every page.


Our History page photographs and the one below are sourced through the free-to-use site Unsplash and our thanks and acknowledgement go to:


Patchwork - Dinh Pham

Quilt - Jeff Wade

Knit - Margarida Afonso

Embroidery - Nelly Karina Lopez

Crochet - Ifrah Akhter

Cross Stitch - Karly Santiago

Threads - Hector j Rivas

The Best Gift is You - Dakota Corbin

Fabric - Rod Long

Thank You - Howie R

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