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Our AGM is held at the July meeting and members have to be financial to hold Executive Committee positions and vote.

2023/24 Executive Committee

President - Helen Wilson

Vice President - Elke Hughes

Secretary - Jo Tregear
Minutes Secretary - Vonnie Clisdell

Treasurer - Jane Bloomfield

Librarian - Ola Robertson

Public Officer - Trudi Tritschler

Website Co-ordinater - Jane Bloomfield

Assets Officer - Jane Bloomfield

Committee - Chris Gillespie, Val Jordon, Kerry Cassidy


PO Box 110

Bungendore  NSW  2621


Incorporation no.:  INC. No. 9890223T

Giant Dahlia detail.jpg
annual exhibition sub-committee

Maureen Elgood

Elke Hughes

Val Jordan

Trudi Tritschler

Kerry Cassidy

Jane Bloomfield

Giant Dahlia (detail) by Elizabeth Robertson

110727 01 AGM.jpg

We would like to acknowledge and thank our founding committee:

President - Sheryl-Ann Schaefer

Vice President - Maureen Elgood

Secretary - Jane Bloomfield

Minutes Secretary - Maureen Elgood

Treasurer - Val Jordan

Public Officer - Roy Schaefer

Committee - Robyne d'Argeavel and Renee d'Argeavel


Bungendore Quilters would not have its solid community spirit and forged friendships today without the dedicated contributions of the Founding Committee and members.

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