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The member's Annual Challenge creates a lot of interest each year with many visitors wanting to purchase the entries. As the challenge is often displayed near the sales table, this misunderstanding is natural. Our members create items that depict the challenge each year and they range from beautiful, practical, quirky, funky and quite amusing!


In past years the Challenge has been judged by our Guest Exhibitor however in 2016, our challenge was to make quilt tops. This was judged as a Viewer's Choice and we found that our visitors loved having two Viewer's Choice awards and being able to vote twice. Since then, our Challenge has been judged by our viewers.

Tritschler Trudi - 101 My Day on the Farm.jpg


1st - Trudi Tritschler - My Day on the Farm

2nd - Anne Lok - Tuscan Bee Haven

To make an item with the theme a day on the farm.

2019 Helen Wilson Beary 1st


1st - Helen Wilson - Beary

2nd - Helen Wilson - Ewe

To make a mini quilt with the theme Do Not Touch so that we can use them to hang next to our quilts during the exhibition.

2018 Jane Bloomfield - Botswana or Bust!
2018 - ITEM INSPIRED BY A holiday

1st - Jane Bloomfield - Botswana or Bust! 

2nd - Leanne Grahame - Winter Wonderland


To make an item that is inspired by a holiday you have had or one you would like to go on.

2017 Leanne Graham - Flower Power


1st - Leanne Graham - Flower Power

2nd - Margaret Ferrett - Iconic Australians

3rd - Maxine Baban - Birds of a Feather

To make an item inspired by a greeting card or post card. Items can be anything at all as long as they are made from textiles.

2016 Maxine Baban - Birds on a Wire
2016 - aged care quilt


1st - Maxine Baban - Happy Birds on a Wire

2nd - Val Jordon - Many Colours

3rd - Helen Wilson - Diamonds

To make a quilt to be donated to a resident of an Aged Card Facility or other deserving individual or group. Our major sponsors, the eolia Mulwaree Trust and Bungendore Community Bank Branch donated funds to have these quilts professionally quilted.

2015 Karen Mewburn
2015 - BABY QUILTs


1st - Karen Mewburn - Elephants x 4

2nd - Helen Wilson - Pinwheels for Baby

3rd - Julie Murray - What a Hoot!

4th - Elke Hughes - Bunnies in a Square

To make a baby quilt to be donated to the maternity ward of Queanbeyan District Hospital. Judged by Michelle Law, guest exhibitor.

2014 Margaret Ferrett
2014 - table runner


1st - Margaret Ferrett - Under the Australian Sun

2nd - Linda Magee - Lucky Four Leaf Clover

3rd - Val Jordon - Japanese Sashiko

To make a table runner of any size. Judged by Jennie Curtis.

2013 Challenge.jpg


1st - Dianne Lines (pumpkin bag made of burgundies and pinks - lower centre)

2nd - Val Jordon (black, white and gold - lower right)

To make a bag of any type to either give a quilt in as a gift or to store a quilt in. Judged by Gabrielle le Grand, President of the Bungendore CWA Branch.

2012 Challenge.jpg


1st - Jane Bloomfield (maroon, teal and navy - lower left)

2nd -

3rd -

To make a bag of any type but it required fabric somewhere in the bag. Judged by Narell Smit, Queanbeyan Quilters.

2011 Challenge.jpg
2011 - pin pricks


1st -

2nd -

3rd -

To make a pin cushion with personality.

2010 Sandra Priest


1st - Sandra Priest - Dragons

To make an item that depicted the power of wind and water.

Sandra writes of Dragons:

For this challenge I wanted to do something a bit different - rather than the obvious themes such as sailing boats or windmills. I started researching symbols for the elements and I discovered that in ancient Asian culture the symbols for the elements were dragons - blue for the water and yellow for the air. Hence the design of the wall hanging - a blue dragon being surrounded by yellow dragons - the wind circling the water.

2009 Challenge.jpg
2009 - all things discreet


1st - Sandra Priest

To make an item that depicted all things discreet.

Sandra's item was a young lady preparing to take a shower and is able to cover herself in a towel. The wall hanging can close up around the figure with her head, hands and feet showing from the towel.

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